ANA Cal Calcium Hydroxide (4x1.5ml syringe)

  • Product Code: 1230100
Nordiska Dental

ANA Cal™ gives a high concentration of hydroxyl ions, thanks to the high content of calcium hydroxide (>38%), still with a smooth consistency. These generate the high pH value of 12.4 which has a pronounced bactericidal effect, i.e eliminate bacteria. ANA Cal™is radio-opaque.

High concentration of calcium hydroxide also means long-lasting treatment due to that the paste can release calcium ions for a longer period of time. ANA Cal™is a ready-to-use product, in air tight syringes, for direct application thru the included needles.

- Temporary root-filling
- Pulp capping
- Pulp protection
- Insulation in deep cavities
- Stepwise excavation

- Package of 4 syringes, each containing 1.5ml and 12 luer-lock needles

- High concentration, >38%
- Pure calcium hydroxide
- Smooth consistency
- Pre filled syringe
- Multi-purpose

- Powerful, long-lasting effect
- Optimal ion release
- Precise and deep access
- Direct, quick and easy application
- One product – many indications